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Jeffrey Kent was born an identical twin, inspiring the professional moniker SPLITCELL - an expression of unity and individuality essential to a life in the arts.


Kent grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. Drawing pictures and performing skits were early forms of expression, but the family video camera changed everything. Before streaming services and accessible editing software, there was VHS tape and the tricky business of editing in-camera.


The best days of childhood were spent experimenting with composition and crude special effects. Improvising with little concept of formal structure or process, he made videos at the speed of creativity - trying to emulate the movies and shows that inspired him.


Structure and theory came later when Kent pursued Cinema at San Francisco State University. His studies further enriched his extracurricular filmmaking. Award-winning short films completed outside his coursework earned Kent a position in SFSU’s Advanced Production Pool where he wrote, produced, directed, and edited his 16mm thesis film. He graduated with a B.A. in 2006.


Kent relocated to Los Angeles where he found work as a production assistant at Duke Media. Joining Hudlin Entertainment in 2010, he soon grew into an Associate Producer role, managing all internal creative objectives for the company. His tenure with Hudlin included juggernaut productions like Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained and The 88th Academy Awards where he interfaced with the biggest figures in the entertainment industry.   


Such prestigious projects allowed Kent to nurture key relationships and further sharpen his entertainment industry acumen. Supporting an ambitious production company responsible for A-list projects fostered the tenacity and resourcefulness necessary to eventually propel Kent to venture on his own.


Since transitioning, Kent has churned out original content for a number of brands including MotorTrend, Discovery, Google, and HP. Addressing both entertainment and marketing needs, Kent offers creative services across multiple platforms and collaborating with clients from ideation to final delivery.


Ever prolific, Kent has a number of original narrative projects in various stages of development. The short film, Hearts of Palm, was an award winner and festival favorite in 2017. This was followed up with Tinnitus, a topical story that marked a sharp tonal shift from his previous work. CICADA! - an off-the-wall horror-comedy which Kent both produced and appeared in - premiered to a packed house in Los Angeles in the fall of 2018. The movie was distributed by Wild Eye Releasing, and is now available through Amazon. Kent continues to write and develop feature screenplays. 


Kent's latest passion project, SPLITCELL AVIATION, is a YouTube docu-series centering on his personal aviation experiences and highlighting airplanes, airports, and pilots of cultural and historical significance. The channel launched in the fall of 2020.


When he’s not working on a variety of creative projects, he fills his time with family and friends. If you don't find him at home, in the kitchen or watching movies, he's likely out flying airplanes, off-roading, or enjoying some other outdoor activity. If he's not in any of these other places, check the local craft breweries. 

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